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 Fundamentals of Psychology - ACRO Certified Course 

Course overview: 

Fundamentals of Psychology is a six-month certificate programme. This is specially designed for all psychology enthusiasts who wish to pursue a career as a mental health professional. 


The programme enables students to get exposed to the kind of work that mental health professionals do in India. Additionally, they will be trained in the formulation of case histories, management of accounts, handling clients, will gain knowledge on profile development, presentation skills and get a thorough understanding of theoretical and practical concepts of mental health. 

Course content 

The programme will take place remotely due to COVID-19 restrictions and regulations. The content will be taught through a mix of online lectures, seminars and live sessions with professionals. For practical exposure at the clinic, students are advised and encouraged to postpone the engagement to a later date, with clinic staff to ensure everyone's safety. 

Introduction to Psychology 

Lectures (6 hours) | Live sessions (1 hour) when applicable | Self-study required (15 hours) 

Theoretical Concepts of Mental Health

Lectures (6 hours) | Live sessions (1 hour) when applicable | Self-study required (15 hours) 

Profile Development 

Lectures (6 hours) | Live sessions (1 hour) when applicable | Self-study required ( 30 hours)


Lectures (5 hours) | Live sessions (1 hour) when applicable | Self-study required ( 5 hours)

Business in Psychology 

Lectures (6 hours) | Live sessions (1 hour) when applicable | Self-study required ( 10 hours)


Minimum working hours (500) | Live sessions (2 hours) | Self-study required ( 15 hours) 



Practical Exposure 

Work experience (Min 500 hours) 

Usually, students are expected to intern and gain work experience with the therapists of the clinic. The practical exposure starts once their theoretical modules are completed. Additionally, they are to complete a minimum of four hours a week. Each student gets to work with one therapist only. Depending on the availability of the students and therapists, teams will be selected. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and working remotely, we will give students time at the clinic once vaccines are available. 

Course in-take 

Each batch has a maximum capacity of 14 students. 


We do not conduct written examinations for this programme. Our modes of assessments are coursework and practicals. Coursework will mainly include online quizzes and the submission of essays for the theoretical modules. A report submitted on the practical work experience gained is mandatory, post the completion of 500 hours of work at the clinic. 


All students who are enrolled in the programme are entitled to keep a tab of their progress, assignments and assessments. 

Entry requirements:

a) Education

 BA/BSc (Honours) in psychology or subfields of psychology 



-BA/BSc regular with psychology as a major subject 


BA/B.Com/BBA/BSc or any equivalent undergraduate degree from a recognised university 

b) Language requirements:

i) English language + Hindi/Telugu (applicants from Hyderabad) 

ii) English language + their mother tongue/native language (applicants from different states/UTs)

iii) English language + one foreign language/their mother tongue/native language (all applicants from other countries must be well versed with a language of their choice. However, it is not mandatory to be proficient but encouraged to learn and pick up a second language) 

c)Personal Statement:

A personal statement not exceeding 600 words is a mandatory pre-requisite for the programme. This can be uploaded on the online application or attached as a separate word document/image/PDF. Please explain and detail your reasons to apply for this programme and give a brief outline of the future goals you've thought about towards the end. 

d) Previous Academic Qualifications 

If you're a student studying for your bachelors, a copy of each of your previous educational qualifications/exams is needed, which shows the list of subjects studied along with the marks that you've obtained.

-If you have already completed your degree, a copy of your official degree will also be required. Applicants who possess academic documents in languages other than English must submit their official transcript as well as an official translated copy too. 

e) Curriculum Vitae/Resume

A copy of your updated CV is required. Please ensure that you add demographic information, contact details, educational qualifications, work experience if any and a shortlist of skills and interests towards the end. 

f) References 

Academic or professional references are not mandatory or required.

How to apply: 

Students can apply all year round but will be allotted a batch according to availability. All applicants are requested to submit their application through an online portal and a non-refundable application fee of ₹1,000. 

How your application is processed: 

Fundamentals of Psychology is an extremely popular programme with psychology students and we run this programme in four batches a year. Once you've completed your online application process, you will receive a confirmation in not less than 8 weeks. 


If you're wait-listed for one in-take, you will directly be allotted the next batch without any extra application fees.  


Home/Indian fees: ₹70,000.

Overseas fees: ₹75,000. 

The fees may be subjected to an increase every academic year, in line with ACRO terms and conditions. 


Once a student receives an offer, they are expected to pay a non-refundable deposit to secure their place. This will be automatically credited to your total fees for the programme, post your commencement. 

Home/Indian fees: ₹10,000.

Overseas fees: ₹12,000. 


Potential students who possess exceptional skills and talents in the field of mental health will be exempted from paying a certain amount of fees. Students are selected based on their talent and not on academic achievements or laurels. Terms and conditions apply. 

Accreditation and certification:

The certificate you receive post the completion of the programme is not accredited by any regulatory body in India but is issued by the ACRO clinic only. The programme initiates you to acquire skills and understand mental health professional practices in India. 

For information on applications, please get in touch with us either via WhatsApp or email. 

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