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Our services 

Personalised care, guidance and support provided to every individual who seeks our services. Our consultants are trained, qualified and experienced in a variety of treatments and therapies. 

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Psychiatric Treatment

The clinic has a panel of psychiatrists working online for consultations. Psychiatric consultations and treatments are available for critical cases or those with severe mental health illness. 

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Psychological Consultation

To be diagnosed with a mental health disorder, one must consult a psychiatrist or a psychologist. Diagnosis is important to determine the severity of a given mental health condition. 

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A wide range of psychometric assessments are available for clients. Our licensed clinical psychologists and psychometricians are available on select days of the week to conduct these tests. For more details and appointments, please call or send us a WhatsApp message. 

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Individual Therapy

Typically, consultation between the client and therapist takes place in a therapy chamber or online between two people. Individuals above the age of 18 are welcome to book a consultation with our therapists or continue to take treatment or therapy. Minors below the age of 18, must have a legal guardian or parent present at all times. 

Therapy Session

Group Therapy

Be it, school children, college students, or working professionals, we give group therapy sessions for ages 10-90+ and divide them based on age and the problems they wish to discuss and gain knowledge on. 

For minors, a NOC certificate must be signed by legal guardians/parents to participate in sessions around known or unknown people.   

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Corporate events 

Organisations willing to promote positive mental health attitudes and behaviour among their employees, can book our corporate packages. 

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Couples Therapy

We regularly conduct pre-marital, marital, divorce counselling sessions for couples above the age of 18.

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Family Therapy

Family is important, we cannot stress the significance of it enough. Having healthy discussions in the presence of a professional therapist aids all kinds of families who are experiencing problems 

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Parent-Child Therapy

Be it a singe parent, nuclear family or a joint family, if parents are experiencing difficulties raising their children or children face issues with parents, we provide counselling sessions as well as therapies for such cases. 

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Educational Counselling

Confused about what field suits your personality? Uncertain about what the world tells you about you and your ideas? Our team of psychologists and counsellors specialise in 

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Career Counselling

If you are looking for a new perspective or a switch in career and require guidance, our experts at ACRO mentor you to choose what's best for you! 

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Profile Development

Planning for a financially independent life? Be it for jobs or a new business, the individuals require a dynamic set of personality characteristics and goals to establish themselves in any given field. 

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Collaborative Law Services

We offer special services in association with lawyers for on-going court cases that require psychiatric or psychological interventions. 

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In-house Services 

If you or your loved ones are unable to visit the clinic for any particular reason, our team of professionals can be booked for in-house services. 

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Support Groups 

Support groups are available for pregnant women, new parents, individuals above the age of 45, dealing with a medical condition, bullying in educational institutions, exam fear/stress. For other concerns, please consult with our therapists before joining a support group. 

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