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Tarot card reading is a special service provided by Ms Aishwarya Krishna Priya. She is a trained and experienced Osho Zen tarot card reader and has been practising since 2004. Before embarking on the journey of being a qualified psychologist, she was an energy healing specialist. However, over the years her accurate predictions, foresight and guidance through tarot reading have assisted many of her clients, friends and family members. 


Her main areas of expertise include career guidance, relationship advice, educational guidance, and insights into the overall health and well-being of a person.


Session details: 

Session time: 40 minutes.

Questions per session: Only four.

Cost per session:

Offline consultation at ACRO clinic in Hyderabad- ₹3,000.

Online consultation via Google Meet Link, Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp video call - ₹3,000.

In-house services in Hyderabad: ₹5,000.

Other cities in India: ₹10,000.

*NOTE: Please bear in mind that no questions regarding the birth or death of a person will be accepted or tolerated by the reader at any given time. 

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