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Online Tuitions 

Online coaching available for the following subjects and examination boards:

  • Psychology and sub fields - IBDP (SL and HL), BA, BSc, MA and MSc programmes. 

  • Business Management and sub fields - IGCSE- Extended, IBDP (SL and HL), BBA and MBA programmes. 

  • English - IBDP (SL and HL) and for all UG level courses

  • Journalism - For all UG level courses 

  • Computer Sciences - For all UG level courses 

We do not run separate batches for other Indian examination boards (high school level), but students who require coaching can approach us for further information and any general enquiries. 


The fee for online tuitions will vary depending on the subjects chosen and examination boards. Each subject is chargeable. 

The fees may be subjected to an increase every academic year, in line with ACRO terms and conditions.


Entry requirements:

IGCSE Students: Students in their 9th grade can apply for our online coaching. We only take 10th grade students if they are at the start of their year.  

IBDP students: We only take students who are in their 11th grade to enrol for our online coaching. Exceptions for 12th grade students can be made, but only if it is a matter of urgency. 

UG students: We encourage students to join us in their first year of college/university to keep up with the syllabus.

Syllabus verification:

Although we record and store the latest syllabus for a given academic year/examination board, we require students to submit a soft copy of the current syllabus being taught to them at school or college. 

For more information on our next batches, please connect with us via email - 

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