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The Tarot Training Certificate Programme 

Are you a tarot enthusiast? Have you ever wondered what tarot cards can contribute to those suffering in silence? Have you always wanted to be a tarot reader? Look no more! Your wait ends here! Come and enrol in our fun, entertaining, scientific and enriching tarot card reader training programme! Get industry ready from day one! 

Entry requirements 

a) Education 

There is no specific degree requirement to learn tarot cards! However, when you are learning it scientifically, we encourage you to at least complete IGCSE, SSC, CBSE or ICSE before enrolling in the course as you may be exposed to clients from different backgrounds and mental health conditions as case studies. 


b) Language requirements: 

i) English language + Hindi/Telugu (applicants from Hyderabad) 

ii) English language + their mother tongue/native language (applicants from different states/union territories) 

iii) English language + one foreign language/their mother tongue/native language (applicants from different countries). However, it is not mandatory to be proficient but encouraged to learn and pick up a second language. 

c) International students: 

Nationals of other countries can apply for this course; terms and conditions apply. However, please bear in mind that most clients are comfortable talking in Indian languages. We highly recommend you to take up a crash course or learn the basics of Hindi or Telugu language before applying to our internship. There is no differentiation in fees for home and overseas students. 

d) Age restrictions: 

No age restriction but students below the age of 18 must sign a NOC by their biological parents or legal guardians. This is to ensure that school children are not traumatised by the cases we handle at the clinic. Students falling under the age range of 15-18 are expected to be psychology students or have psychology as their primary subject in high school or college/university. Exceptions are always welcome 


e) Personal Statement: 

A personal statement not exceeding 600 words is a mandatory prerequisite for the programme. This can be uploaded on the online application or attached as a separate word document/image/PDF. Explain and detail your reasons to apply for this programme and outline your future goals in the field of tarot card reading.


f) Previous Academic Qualifications 

Suppose you're a student studying for your bachelor’s, you must submit a copy of your previous educational qualifications during the application process. 

-If you have already completed your degree, a copy of your official degree will also be required. Applicants who possess academic documents in languages other than English must submit their official transcript and an official translated copy. 

g) Curriculum Vitae/Resume 

A copy of your updated CV is required. Please ensure that you add demographic information, contact details, educational qualifications, work experience if any and a shortlist of skills and interests towards the end. 

h) References 

Academic or professional references are not mandatory or required. However, suppose you are interning with us to fulfil your current educational qualification. In that case, we need one academic reference or a recommendation letter from the concerned department for your application to be processed. 

Previous knowledge required 

No prior experience with tarot cards or reading is necessary 

The ability to critically analyse and appraise research articles is necessary 

Basic interest in tarot card reading, divination, occult sciences and cosmology

Advantages of this course 


-You get exposure to a private mental health facility in India.


-You get to learn how a mental health facility operates. 


-Lecture capture for all theoretical modules is available.


-You get the opportunity to interact with all our mental health professionals, administrative staff and board members. 


- You get hands-on experience with clients of all age groups and concerns.


-You get to participate in any of our events and workshops that collide with your schedule at the clinic. 


-You get an understanding of how to use multiple decks for various problems 


-You get ample training and exposure to deal with all kinds of clientele at the facility


-If you have a management background in your bachelor’s or master’s degree, this helps you understand people management and upskills you to be a better professional in any field of your choice. 


 Disadvantages of this course


- Working at a mental health facility can take a toll on your physical, emotional and mental health. 


- You may burn out faster than you expected as working at a mental health clinic is exhaustive and tiresome. 


-You may not be comfortable dealing with a few clients who come to our clinic.


- There are many legalities involved when you opt to work at a private mental health clinic. 


- If you are a minor between the ages of 15-17 studying psychology, your parents or school will always have to be involved in everything you take up with the clinic.


-Connecting energies to the tarot cards while you being a medium can drain your energy faster


-Back to back sessions with clients can tire you out on most days. 


-You may experience stress, fatigue, tiredness, irritability, loss of appetite, loss of sleep, loss of interest in daily activities, which is part of the job. However, don’t fret, ample amount of rest and the right activities to cheer you up will always come in handy. Please go easy on yourself. 

How your application is processed:

The tarot training is highly recommended for students and early career professionals. Once you've completed the application process, you will receive a confirmation in less than one week. 


INR 1,06,000 inclusive of application fee. 

Please enquire with the office by dropping a message on WhatsApp, phone call or email to know the fee structure of the course. The fees may be subjected to an increase every academic year, in line with ACRO terms and conditions.  We are able to provide only one package to all students at any given time, extensions on packages will be discussed and guided on case to case basis. Terms and conditions apply.

Fee waiver and scholarships:

We are unable to provide any scholarships to potential students. We regret the inconvenience. 

Accreditation and certification:

The certificate you receive post the completion of the programme is not accredited by any regulatory body in India but is issued by ACRO Mental Health & Wellness and Tarot Power only. The programme initiates you to acquire skills and makes you industry ready! 

Course upgradation and updates 

The TTP gets updated once in every six months, if you have enquired today to consider this at a different time, we request you to enquire with us again when you want to take it up. 

Open days for students and working professionals

We invite prospective students and working professionals interested to intern with us on a monthly basis. If you are interested to visit the facility, please call the office to book an appointment. This is only meant for students who would have applied already and are waiting for their acceptance.  


Someone from our team will give you a tour of our clinic on a given date. You can talk to the designated therapists, interns, admin staff and anyone from our team who may be available on the given date to clarify all your concerns, doubts and queries. We encourage you to take slots much ahead in advance to ensure everyone's time is respected. 

For interested students or working professionals who are unable to make it on our open days, please consider booking an online meeting with our team for us to guide you through the process. 

Policy changes 

We frequently update our policies on all certificate programmes and request interested students to know the rules and regulations thoroughly before they decide to apply at our facility. 

Correspondence timings 

The clinic is open from 9 AM - 9 PM (IST) on all days for any communication to happen via telephonic conversation or email. 

For information on applications, please get in touch with us either via WhatsApp or email. 

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