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Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Date: 01/12/21

Author Name: Aishwarya Krishna Priya

Qualifications: IB Psychology, English Literature, and Film Studies (HL), French Ab, Math Studies and Environmental Systems and Societies (SL). BA - Psychology, English Literature, and Journalism, MBA - Human Resource Management, MA - Psychology (India), MSc - Mental Health (UK).

Designation: Founder and chief psychologist, ACRO Mental Health Services.

Word count: 485 words

Reading time: 4 minutes

Reviewed by: Sashi Preetam

When I was younger, I always wanted to do something distinct from the rest of the crowd, not to stand out but to make a difference in this world. Years later, I genuinely feel that as an entrepreneur, I have managed to build a brand that’s been making a difference for over six financial years. Mental health is casually and seriously frowned upon in our South Asian society. Every family has their approach to understanding mental health problems. Every culture or ethnicity in India has creative ways to deal with mental illness and terms it as the ‘devil’s act’.

I firmly believe that mental health is misinterpreted, misunderstood and misread on most occasions. Visiting a shrink does not, should not and will not necessarily equate your mental well-being to being unstable or term you 'mental' but give you perspective on all the problems you are facing in your daily lives. You may not be facing a mental health crisis but could be burdened due to family problems or confusion regarding your personal life.

A visit to your nearest shrink can make a massive difference in your outlook on handling behavioural and everyday problems. However, the scarcity of mental health professionals in India can be a scary occurrence, not because a psychologist means harm. Still, the fewer numbers are too little to handle the magnifying concerns of a skyrocketing population growth rate and mental health concerns.

Due to technological changes, trends and the fast-paced lives that we all lead, we are susceptible to mental health issues at some level. We may not necessarily be diagnosed with a disorder but certainly feel stressed for various reasons. Stress and different types of stressors can lead to serious health complications or death. So, how do you identify what is necessary for your life and mental health? Look around you and inside of you. Pay attention to odd behavioural patterns, health complications, habits, lifestyle choices, toxic relationships, people who drain your energy and those who don’t understand you. You need to first stay away from anyone, anything and everything that dim’s your shine! Physical health and mental health go hand in hand with your emotions.

You must start by recognising the factors that are pulling you down and seek a specialist to help you with them. However, don’t forget to visit your nearest GP before booking an appointment with a therapist. We at ACRO believe in holistic healing and an interdisciplinary approach to your mental health concerns. At the same time, we don’t coax you to either take up therapy or psychiatric treatment options for the sake of taking them. Medicines or non-medical and non-invasive therapies can certainly have side effects which may be irreversible. So, know your symptoms well, and a specialist’s job before you approach them. Leave the rest to your specialists, and they will assist you in dealing with all the concerns they are equipped to handle.

We are a diverse team of mental health professionals with different specialisations and interests working tirelessly to assist the mental health population and those who have non-clinical concerns. Our goal is to inspire, not influence. I hope that our articles help you analyse your problem areas and guide you on what to do next. Happy reading!

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